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Feast Your Eyes & Palate At Our Exquisite Sea View Restaurants

As the golden hour approaches, casting its warm hues over the shimmering waters, imagine sitting at a table with a scrumptious meal, a gentle breeze and the salty tang of the sea teasing your senses. Your setting is none other than one of the many exquisite restaurants with sea views in Cape Panwa Hotel, Phuket. 

Nestled on the southeast tip of Phuket, our hotel boasts facilities where luxury, comfort, and the tranquil Andaman Sea converge. However, the heart of our appeal lies in our array of restaurants, each set to provide guests with an experience that goes beyond the extraordinary, harmonising sumptuous cuisine with breathtaking sea views. At Cape Panwa Hotel, we don’t just promise a delicious meal but a remarkable dining journey at our restaurants, which each offer picturesque views of Phuket. 

Let’s explore, shall we? 

Dining With A View At Cape Panwa Hotel

Panwa House

Enjoy breakfast with a view at Café Andaman

Step into a realm of historical grandeur at Panwa House, a resplendent Sino-Portuguese mansion by the sea and one of the most elegant luxury sea view restaurants in Phuket. Known for its star-studded past as a movie set, our restaurant brings the allure of the silver screen to its dining experience. Here, patrons are treated to authentic Thai delicacies, each dish a culinary masterpiece, a symphony of flavours and traditions, all in an ambience of yesteryears. Try a delicious Pla Kapong Tom Yam Haeng – sea bass with fillet with mushrooms, lemon grass, and galangal or stay true to Southern Thai cuisine and taste our Southern sour soup with prawns and taro. 

Top Of The Reef

For those who fancy a blend of sophistication and a homely atmosphere, our Top of the Reef sea view restaurant provides understated elegance. Our intimate grill room, positioned on the ground floor of building E, unveils stunning panoramas of the Andaman Sea, setting the stage for an evening of indulgent steaks and fresh seafood. And if that isn’t enough,  just a short walk away is our picturesque Wedding Terrace, where you can soak in panoramic views of the ocean. 

In a commitment to ethical dining, items such as Shark Fin, Bird’s Nest, and Foie Gras do not feature in our menu, underscoring Cape & Kantary Hotels’ stand against animal cruelty.

Café Andaman

Dine with a stunning sea view at our Panwa House restaurant

The culinary adventure continues to astound at Café Andaman, where a medley of Thai and international specialities await at our sea view restaurant in Phuket. From a hearty buffet breakfast to all-day dining options, each meal is an event. As twilight falls, live music fills the air, enhancing the vibrant atmosphere and complementing the exquisite dishes on offer.

Café Kantary

A cosy nook within this seaside haven, Café Kantary serves as a sanctuary for those seeking the comforting embrace of a premium cup of coffee. With its chic indoor and outdoor seating, this is the perfect spot to unwind with a tempting dessert, a good book, or even a bit of work, offering a respite with a side of delectable treats.

Uncle Nan’s Italian Restaurant

Venture slightly beyond to Uncle Nan’s nestled within Kantary Bay Hotel and find yourself whisked away to the very essence of Italy. Renowned for its authentic Italian cuisine, our welcoming sea view restaurant offers a rich menu bursting with flavour, featuring classics such as perfectly cooked pasta and artisanal pizza. Each dish is a tribute to Italy’s culinary heritage, prepared with passion and ready to be savoured on our outdoor terrace, where you can dine amidst the tranquillity of the serene bay stretching before you.

Beach Dining

For an unforgettably romantic soirée, nothing surpasses the magic of a candlelit dinner on the beach. Our hotel’s Beach Dining service transcends the conventional, offering a customised menu from fresh seafood to traditional Thai. It’s a canvas of stars, the whispering sea, and exquisite cuisine crafted to your preference.

For a seamless experience, we kindly ask you to make your reservation 24 hours in advance, allowing us to accommodate any special requests or arrangements for larger groups. Furthermore, for those seeking a more intimate affair, our Private Beach Dining option elevates romantic dining to a new level. Our chefs are on hand to create a unique menu that caters solely to you and your partner’s tastes. We recommend booking at least 2 days ahead to ensure every detail is tailored to your satisfaction.

The unifying thread that weaves through each of our sea view restaurants in Phuket is unmistakable: a seamless marriage of exceptional cuisine and awe-inspiring views, promising not just a meal but an immersive experience.

Epicurean Delights by the Sea Await

So, whether it be the gourmet delights at Panwa House, the all-encompassing Thai and international cuisine at Café Andaman, or perhaps a serene coffee break at Café Kantary that calls to you, Cape Panwa Hotel warmly invites you on this journey that promises a feast not just for the taste buds, but a banquet for the eyes, heart, and soul. 

Your table at Cape Panwa Hotel waits – contact us today to reserve a seat at any of our stunning sea view restaurants in the heart of Phuket